Bridlewood affordable housing development now home for 62 families

The city recently unveiled a new housing development in Bridlewood that will provide new homes for 62 families this summer.

At the beginning of July families started moving in to the newly opened housing development.

The Bridlewood development will quickly become the new home for 250 of Calgary’s residents, once everyone is moved in.

The development features 48 two-bedroom homes, 14 of which are barrier-free, as well as 14 four-bedroom homes for larger families.

Barrier-free homes are built for accessibility needs. They include ground level access, lower counters and shelving and wide doorways to benefit Calgarians with mobility needs.

On top of this the entire development is mobility friendly, with no steps or curbs to impede wheels of any kind. This development also includes a community hub which can be used as a resource centre for residents.

The new neighbourhood is close to parks, shopping centres, and is connected to nearby communities through pathways. The development was placed in a location that encourages community interaction with the surrounding neighbourhood.

The project has had a focus on sustainability, projecting the development to be extremely energy efficient, resulting in low utility costs for residents.

The development will be managed and operated by Calgary Housing Company, and offers homes for families on low to moderate incomes. Rent is scaled and determined according to a mixed-income model.

The development began in 2018, when land that previously was home to a fire station was reallocated for this housing project.

These affordable homes are part of the cities housing strategy called Foundations for Homes, which aims to place 15,000 affordable homes in Calgary to meet the national average.

Families will continue to move in and get comfortable throughout the rest of the summer.


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