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Meghan Markle tipped to write ‘fascinating’ memoir following Prince Harry’s lead

The Duchess of Sussex recently made her literary debut with The Bench, an illustrated book for young children. However, since Prince Harry announced he will be releasing his own book, speculation has been rife as to whether the Duchess will write a memoir too.

Professor Jonathan Shalit, founder of InterTalent Rights Group, said a book about the former actress’ life could be “fascinating”.

He told Newsweek: “I think the world’s very interested in their story so I think there could be a Meghan memoir, but I suspect much of Harry’s story will include Meghan’s story, they’ve become intertwined.

“Meghan’s got a great story to tell.

“She’s obviously a very successful actress in terms of Suits and loved by many people around the world.

“I’m sure there’d be a fascinating Meghan memoir.”

Prof Shalit pointed out that Meghan could take advice from the Obamas, who have released their own memoirs in the past.

“The Obamas would be very good people to take advice from, they’ve set exemplary standards around the world,” Prof Shalit said.

“So, if the Obamas are advising them then I think they are getting advice from some very wise people.”


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