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Royal Family LIVE: Meghan’s got form on ghosting! Duchess’s ex-pal hits out over snub

Prince Harry ‘playing games with Royal Family’ says Jobson

TV personality Lizzie Cundy has claimed she was befriended by Meghan when she came to the UK looking for a “London man”, before she met her now husband Harry. However, the radio host added Meghan “ghosted” her once the pair got engaged in 2017. She said: “She ghosted me once the engagement hit. “She’s ghosted quite a lot of people, obviously, including her family, so I’m not the worst person she’s ghosted.”

Meanwhile, the Duke of Sussex announced this week he is planning to publish a tell-all book next year that he said will be “accurate and wholly truthful”. He added he will be writing it “not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become”.

However, Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty magazine, said the book is likely to have made “hearts sink” within the Royal Family.

He added Harry will probably have to step up his game to be “even more sensational” than his explosive chat with Oprah Winfrey back in March.

Mr Little said: “The pressure must be on him to come up with something even more sensational than what we learned from the Oprah interview.

“It’s hard not to think that Harry would want to redress the balance, as far as he’s concerned, in print, though it’s been done on screen. You would think hearts will continue to sink at Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace.

“I suppose in an ideal world they would have liked a line to be drawn after the Oprah revelations.

Royal Family live: Meghan’s ex-friend has spoken out about being “ghosted” by her (Image: GETTY)

“But clearly that isn’t Harry’s way of doing things. And so this won’t have been great news for Harry’s family.”

In the interview, Harry and his wife Meghan Markle outlined in shocking detail why they decided to quit life as senior royals, with Harry admitting he felt “trapped” and Meghan saying she was left feeling suicidal.

They also alleged that one unnamed member of the family had asked how dark their son Archie’s skin might be before he was born.

Oprah later clarified that Harry had said it was not the Queen or Prince Philip who made the comments about the colour of Archie’s skin.

Buckingham Palace also quickly responded the Queen was “saddened” by their claims, but added, “recollections may vary”.


11.10pm update: Prince Charles consoled Barack Obama after heartfelt confession: ‘I don’t believe that!’

Prince Charles consoled Barack Obama after the US President made a heartfelt confession to him, unearthed reports reveal.

Interest in the British monarchy spans the globe, but in the US it occupies a special place, spurred in recent years by the impact of media productions and real-life events.

These range from successful TV shows such as The Crown and the marriage of American actress Meghan Markle to Prince Harry.

News of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s relocation to California made headlines in the US but even minor royals don’t go unnoticed.

James Vaughn, assistant director of British Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, told the BBC in 2018: “The status Britain’s monarchy has in US popular culture is extreme and a 20th century phenomenon.”

Isabella Marsans is taking over from Katie Harris.

10.45pm update: Meghan ‘may regret’ Oprah interview

Meghan Markle could end up regretting her and Prince Harry’s bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview, royal experts have said.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a string of explosive claims about the monarchy in the TV interview, which aired in March.

But royal commentators have said former actress Meghan could one day regret pouring her heart out in the tell-all chat.

Speaking on Channel 5 documentary Meghan at 40: The Climb To Power, royal author Tom Quinn said: “I think the problem for Meghan was that she was angry, she was upset.”

meghan harry oprah

Meghan could end up regretting her and Harry’s Oprah interview, royal experts have said (Image: GETTY)

9pm update: Harry and Meghan ‘don’t care about UK’ as Duke’s book snubbed by Brits

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “don’t care about the UK”, a royal expert has said after a new poll showed most Britons are not interested in reading the Duke’s memoir.

Royal author Angela Levin, who penned a biography on Harry, said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are only interested in what the US and the rest of the world thinks.

Ms Levin’s comments come after a YouGov poll found most Britons are not interested in reading Harry’s new tell-all book about his life.

The royal expert tweeted: “Harry and Meghan don’t care about the UK. It’s America and the rest of the world that counts.”

8.30pm update: Kate’s clever tactic to ‘strike balance’ of privacy for children

Kate uses her photography skills to “strike a balance” between protecting the privacy of her children and giving the public access to them, a royal expert has claimed.

Speaking to The Telegraph, royal commentator Camilla Tominey said: “The paparazzi – there’s no market anymore because the Duchess comes out with her own family photos and they’re far more valuable to the press than images taken at a long lens.

“That’s how The Cambridges are going to strike the balance, they’re going to give in order to receive a degree of privacy back.”

harry meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “don’t care about the UK”, a royal expert has said after a new poll showed most Britons are not interested in reading the Duke’s memoir (Image: GETTY)

7.10pm update: Meghan didn’t know ‘how hard’ fame would be

Lizzie Cundy has spoken about her brief friendship with Meghan Markle before the Duchess reportedly “ghosted” her.

Writing for Grazia, Lizzie said: “She wanted fame and she was open about that, she has that sparkle, that magic but I don’t think she knew how hard it was going to be.”

6.35pm update: George’s birthday photo ‘hides difficult decision’ for Kate and William

Prince George’s birthday photo “hides a difficult decision” for Kate and Prince William about his future, according to a royal expert.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser highlighted how George, who turns eight today, has reached the same age William, Prince Harry and Prince Charles were when they were sent to boarding schools.

Writing for, Ms Elser said: “At first glance, today’s shot is par for the wholly predictable course: Personal, heartwarming and with a suitably bucolic twinge.

“But what makes this image so interesting isn’t what it shows but what it signifies, which is that George has reached the same age at which his father and uncle Prince Harry were bundled off to boarding school. (Ditto Prince Charles.)

“For the first time, the question has reared its controversial head over whether the Cambridges might decide to send their own son away to school now he’s reached this particular milestone moment.”

6.15pm update: Meghan and Harry set to ruin plans for royal celebrations

The Queen is set to see attempts to “define her reign” with a massive celebration marred by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dominating the headlines.

The Royal Family is set to celebrate a series of milestones in 2022, including the Queen’s 70th year on the throne and Prince William’s 40th birthday.

But royal commentator Katie Nicholl suggested Royal Family plans for a year-long celebration will be marred after Harry confirmed his autobiography is due to be released next year.

harry meghan

The Queen is set to see attempts to “define her reign” with a massive celebration marred by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dominating the headlines (Image: GETTY)

5.20pm update: Harry’s memoir ‘to be quite a troubled read’

Prince Harry’s memoir may be “quite a troubled read”, one royal expert said after looking into which topics the Duke of Sussex may touch on in his autobiography.

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine, believes Prince Harry could speak again and more in-depth about the racism allegations made by himself and Meghan against the Royal Family during their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Speaking to the Guardian, he continued: “Then there’s Meghan’s arrival into the spotlight, her becoming girlfriend, then-fiancee, then bride.

“And, of course, he has a lot of demons still about his childhood and the treatment his mother got both at the hand of the establishment and the media.

“Also, having to leave the Army much sooner than he would have liked might also manifest itself.”

Mr Little added: “You would think it is going to be quite a troubled read in a way.”

4.50pm update: Prince Felix of Denmark turns 19 today

Prince Felix of Denmark turns 19 today with the Danish royal sharing his birthday with Prince George.

Felix, who is eighth in the line of succession to the Danish throne, celebrates his 19th birthday today.

He is the younger son of Prince Joachim and his first wife Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg.

The Danish Royal Family wished Felix a happy birthday on their official Instagram account.

They shared a picture of the royal posing outdoors and said: “His Highness Prince Felix has a birthday and turns 19 today.”

Prince Felix

Prince Felix of Denmark turns 19 today (Image: Steen Brogaard)

4pm update: George looking ‘less shy and more confident’

Prince George is looking “more confident”, according to a royal expert, after a new picture was released to mark the future king’s eighth birthday.

Royal author Angela Levin said the young royal, who turns eight today, was looking “less shy” in the sweet snap, taken by Kate.

Ms Levin added that the reason could simply be because George “adores” his mother.

The royal biographer tweeted: “It’s lovely to see Prince George look less shy and more confident. Or is it just because he adores his mum?”

3.10pm update: William and Charles ‘really worried’ about Harry’s memoir in pivotal year for Royal Family

Prince William and Prince Charles will be “really worried” over the contents of Prince Harry’s memoir, a royal expert told, in a year filled with important events for the Firm.

Royal commentator Marlene Koenig said: “I’m sure in all honesty those in the royal officers – Charles, William, the Queen – are really worried.

“This is going to be the year of the Platinum Jubilee as well as William’s 40th birthday – things that the royal house should be focusing on.

“And to have again something that Harry is doing that is taking attention away from that. He has every right to write a book, but is this the time?”

Prince George looked adorable in a new photo to mark his eighth birthday

Prince George looked adorable in a new photo to mark his eighth birthday (Image: KENSINGTON ROYAL)

Katie Harris taking over live reporting from Rachel Russell.

2.34pm update: Charles and Camilla also wish George a very Happy Birthday

The couple, who have spent this week visiting Devon and Cornwall, sent their best wishes to their eldest grandson today. 

Charles and Camilla’s said: “A very Happy Birthday to Prince George!”

2pm update: Meghan and Harry anxious to ‘capitalise’ on being ‘flavour of month’: ‘It’s very American’

Marlene Koenig, a royal expert, said many will have recoiled at the thought of the Queen’s landmark anniversary being in any way interrupted by more revelations from Harry’s book.

Ms Koenig told “I think they’re still trying to capitalise on their situation, and that’s very American: make the money now.

“But he did say he’s given the proceeds to charity.

“Right now, they’re still fresh in the public’s mind.

“They haven’t been out of the royal family that long – technically they’re still in it, they’re still royal.

“But I think because of their departure and statements, the Oprah interview, all sorts of things, they’re still the flavour of the month in some areas.

“So this might be the time to get that book out because who knows what things will be like in 10 years.”

1.08pm update: Kate and William thank supporters for George’s birthday wishes

The couple’s official Twitter account Kensington Royal posted: “Thank you for all your lovely messages on Prince George’s eighth birthday!”

It comes after the couple also posted a new picture the future king is perched on the bonnet of a Land Rover Defender in the image taken by his mother Kate.

George is pictured beaming at Kate behind the camera in the new photograph, and is casually dressed in a polo-style striped top and shorts.

The duchess is a keen photographer and regularly produces images of George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis to mark milestones in her children’s lives.

Prince George is celebrating his eighth birthday today

Prince George is celebrating his eighth birthday today (Image: EXPRESS)

12.57pm update: Queen wants to ‘draw line’ on Meghan & Harry’s Oprah chat – but fears ‘bad news’ from book

A royal commentator believes the royal palaces would have preferred to see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex move on from their past royal life and struggles after telling their truths to Oprah Winfrey in March.

However, news Prince Harry is writing his memoirs exposes the Royal Family to the risk of becoming the target of new damaging claims by the Duke.

Joe Little, the managing editor of Majesty Magazine, told the Guardian: “You would think hearts will continue to sink at Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace.

“I suppose in an ideal world they would have liked a line to be drawn after the Oprah revelations.

“But clearly that isn’t Harry’s way of doing things.

“And so this won’t have been great news for Harry’s family.”

12.18pm update: Prince Harry book ‘won’t set record straight’ royal expert tears ‘one-sided’ project apart

Writing in the Telegraph’s royal newsletter, editor Camilla Tominey said: “What I would question is his suggestion that it will represent the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

She added: “Like their Oprah Winfrey interview, the book will surely reflect the Sussexes’ truth but not necessarily anyone else’s.”

Autobiographies are rarely all fact, Ms Tominey explained.

She said: “After all, autobiographies are the perfect vehicle for telling the truth about other people.”

Meghan Markle compared with Princess Diana by Tom Bower

11.57am update: The Queen wishes Prince George a Happy Birthday

The monarch has has sent a sweet message to her great-grandchild wishing him a happy birthday as he turns eight. 

The Royal Family’s official Twitter account posted: “Wishing Prince George a very happy 8th birthday today!”

This was followed two emojis of a balloon and birthday cake.

11.10am update: Royal Family set for U-turn to stop Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘overshadowing’ Queen

The royal couple are set to return to the UK to celebrate the Queen’s 70 years of service but royal officials are looking at how to stop the Sussexes from “overshadowing” the monarch, reports have suggested.

GB News presenter Dan Wootton said: “I’m heartened to see the Royal Family fighting back against Prince Harry after his crass decision to attempt to overshadow the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next year with the publication of a bombshell autobiography.

“Officials are considering ways to uninvite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from the official celebrations for the Queen so they don’t end up overshadowing the event.

“That makes a lot of sense to me.

“If this fame-hungry and selfish couple are going to continue to make life for the grieving Queen so difficult in her twilight years then the red carpet should no longer be rolled out for them for official events.”

Prince Harry is writing a memoir about his life as a prince

Prince Harry is writing a memoir about his life as a prince (Image: GETTY)

10.30am update: Prince Harry’s memoir ‘NOT a f**k you’ to Queen – Duke wants to ‘correct misinformation’

Prince Harry doesn’t want to deliberately hurt his family with his memoir. This claim was reported by US publication Page Six, which on Monday broke the news the Duke of Sussex was writing an autobiography.

The publication also claimed to have been told Prince Harry has approached his book as a “way to reflect on his life and correct misinformation”.

They added to have been told the Duke will be telling his “truth” in the memoir. has contacted representatives of the Duke of Sussex for comment.

This view does not appear to be shared by some royal insiders, with one telling the US publication: “On what planet does Harry think that this is not a ‘f**k you’ to the family?”

9.41am update: Prince George’s beautiful birthday photo leaves royal fans divided in royal lookalike row

While royal fans were delighted to see a new snap of the future King, they were divided on whom Prince George looks like the most.

Many believe he is growing up to look just like Prince William.

A royal fan shared on Twitter two pictures of the Duke of Cambridge as a child and, referring to Prince George’s new picture, they said: “Will, is that you?”

A royal watcher replied to this tweet saying: “He looks so much like his dad”.

Another Twitter user wrote: “You can see so much of William in this photo. Happy Birthday to our Future King.

“Beautiful photo as always captured by Kate.”

The Queen was on alert as Harry 'pressured' to outdo Oprah bombshells in book

The Queen was on alert as Harry ‘pressured’ to outdo Oprah bombshells in book (Image: GETTY/YOUTUBE)

8.44am update: Prince William ‘un-brothered’ Harry as royal feud intensified

William and Harry have been at odds for years as the Sussexes departure from royal duties and subsequent allegations about life in the Firm lays bare the rift in the family.

And in January 2020, William turned down an invitation to a gathering as he fumed at his brother, reports claimed.

The Queen suggested that the family meet up, but Robert Lacey outlined in his book ‘Battle of Brothers’ that William’s “anger” meant he rejected the idea.

Mr Lacey wrote: “It was a pity that William was now so angry that he was not speaking to him any more. It was as if Harry had become un-brothered.

“The Queen had suggested the family should gather for lunch before their big pow-wow in the library that afternoon, but (William) refused his grandmother’s invitation.

“He would obviously turn up at 2pm for the meeting, he said, but he only wanted to talk business.

“The Prince himself has not confirmed his friends’ speculation that he was so furious with his younger brother that he would not be able to endure the hypocrisy of smiling at him over lunch.”

8.28am update: ‘Diana would never!’ Royal biographer slams Meghan and Harry for ‘betraying Royal Family’

Royal expert Tom Bower was asked by a GB News viewer how Meghan Markle compared to her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, and the royal biographer did not hold back. Speaking to Dan Wootton, Bower explained the former Suits star was nothing like Diana, insisting she was “very different” to what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex imagine.

“Amanda on GB Views asks Tom, ‘What would Princess Diana make of Meghan?’” Wootton began.

Mr Bower replied: “I do think that’s one of the other fundamental questions.

“You see, Diana was very, very different to what Meghan imagines she was like and more importantly, what Harry thinks his mother was like.

“Diana was an unbelievably royal and loyal monarchist. She would never have betrayed the Royal Family.


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