Scotland’s papers: ‘Pingdemic’ crisis and Scotland’s vaccine pass app

image captionScotland is battling a “pingdemic” staffing crisis with more than 60,000 people identified as close contacts in the past two weeks, according to the Daily Mail.
image captionThe Metro says that Britain’s “self-isolation explosion” has taken two new twists with supermarket shelves emptying and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer becoming the latest politician forced to quarantine.
image captionThe Daily Telegraph also reports that the “pingdemic” is disrupting supermarket food supplies as business chiefs call for an “isolation exemption” list to include store workers and hauliers.
image captionThe Daily Star pictures a grubby Oliver Twist begging Prime Minister Boris Johnson for more food, with the newspaper saying that petrol stations are also running out of fuel and the “bog roll bandits” are back.
image captionA vaccine passport app is being developed for the Scottish government amid growing calls for people to be barred from nightclubs if they have not had two doses of a vaccine, reports The Times.
image captionThe Scotsman says that figures show that fewer than one in two young people living in some of the most deprived areas in Scotland are taking up the Covid vaccine.
image captionThe Sun uses its front page to urge young adults to roll up their sleeves for the Covid vaccine to “Save Oldest Scots”, as Covid deaths in the elderly rise.
image captionAn “alarm” has been raised over Scotland’s soft touch justice system as nearly one third of all fiscal fines handed out by prosecutors that people refused to pay resulted in no further action, reports The Herald.
image captionThe National says SNP grassroots activists are appealing to the party to set a three-year deadline for the removal of Trident from an independent Scotland.
image captionThe i says the UK has demanded a “rewrite” of the Brexit deal with Lord Frost urging the EU to agree a “standstill period” on Northern Ireland protocol.
image captionBrussels has triggered a “fresh Brexit stand-off” after rejecting a plan to protect peace in Northern Ireland, risking food shortages and disorder with tough border checks, reports the Daily Express.
image captionThe Evening Express has the story of a woman who said a tub of chip shop hot curry sauce left her in “agony” after exploding in her hands.
image captionPolice officers in Dundee are planning to use drones to catch “anti-social boy racers”, reports the Evening Telegraph.
image captionThe Courier says an international search has now been launched for a missing 48-year-old man from Forfar, who was last seen in 2019.
image captionThe government has been urged to bring back a fund to help first-time buyers struggling to get on the housing ladder in a bid to halt a “Highland clearance”, says the Press and Journal.
image captionThe Edinburgh Evening News says there has been a warning for the Capital to safeguard its Unesco World Heritage status after Liverpool was stripped of its rating.
image captionThe Glasgow Times says a woman has avoided jail after a “string of offences”, including turning up at a school with a hammer.

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