UK beaches guaranteed ‘the most sunshine’ as Britons make the most of summer heatwave

The summer heatwave is continuing across the UK, with parts of the country set to experience highs of up to 30 degrees celsius. With plenty of Britons likely to be eyeing a trip to the beach, experts data has uncovered the coastal regions offering the “sunniest” days out in the UK.

The analysis, conducted by LloydsPharmacy, explored 600 beaches across the nation using metrics including average summer sunrise, sunset, the daily amount of sun and summer average temperatures.

From their analysis, the experts found Hornsea South to be the beach promising the most yearly sunshine.

The northern sand and shingle beach is located on the East Riding coast.

Data shows the beach has an average of 15 hours of sunshine in the summer months.

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The beach boasts an average sunrise of 5:25am, perfect for those who want to greet the day with a jog on the beach.

Ness Cove, in South Devon, is a picturesque spot surrounded by rugged cliffs and vast greenery.

The sun stays shining for far longer at this beach, with an average summer sunset time of approximately 9pm.

Seamill beach in Scotland was flagged as the fourth-best beach when for sun-seekers.

Located near the town of Ardrossan, this sandy stretch has an average of 15 hours of sunshine.

In the summer, the average low here is 11 degrees, though the coastline is known for being a sun trap.

Seamill beach also has excellent views out over the Firth of Clyde across to the mountainous Isle of Arran.

Completing the top five “sunniest” beaches in the UK is West Mersea beach on the eastern coast.

Looking out over the Blackwater Estuary, this sand and shingle beach enjoys an average summer sunset time of around 9:30pm.

The top 10 “sunniest” UK beaches, according to the report, are as follows:

1. Hornsea South Beach, North East

2. Shellness, South East

3. Ness Cove, South West

4. Seamill, Scotland

5. West Mersea, East of England

7. Humberston Fitties, East Midlands

8. Lunderston Bay, Scotland

9. Gullane Beach, Scotland

10. Pendine Sands, Wales


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